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Camp 94 Apparel


Brand Identity Design

Camp 94 is a lifestyle and apparel brand that's all about spreading happiness through its products. With a heart for making their items accessible to everyone, building a strong community, and celebrating the great outdoors, Camp 94's mission is to create more than just clothing; it's about fostering a connection to nature and to each other. Whether you're on an adventurous hike or simply enjoying a casual day out, Camp 94's designs are crafted to bring a sense of joy and belonging to everyone who wears them.


The Camp 94 brans identity draws its inspiration from the vibrant colors of the outdoors, incorporating elements like chopped wood and fire into its design. This logo is exceptionally adaptable, featuring a variety of formats including a main logo, a submark, badges, and more to suit different uses and contexts. Each variation maintains the brand's connection to nature and adventure, ensuring that the spirit of the outdoors is woven into every piece of apparel and accessory. The thoughtful design reflects Camp 94's commitment to accessibility, community, and the outdoor lifestyle, making it instantly recognizable and deeply meaningful to those who share these values.

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