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McCray Contracting


Brand Identity Design

McCray Contracting, a home contracting business, sought a standout, vibrant brand identity to highlight their quality work and customer focus. They aim for a look that shows their expertise and creativity, making them the go-to choice for homeowners looking to enhance their spaces. This fresh identity will help McCray stand out and attract clients who appreciate a professional and personalized approach to home improvement.


McCray Contracting's brand identity centers around a palette of blue and yellow, symbolizing boldness and vibrancy. These colors are used to create a dynamic and energetic feel, reflecting the company's innovative approach to home improvements. The use of angles in the design adds a modern and forward-thinking aspect, suggesting precision and reliability. This combination of colors and shapes aims to convey McCray Contracting's commitment to high-quality service and their ability to bring fresh, bright ideas to their projects.

McCray polaroid-03.jpg
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