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Smoothest Smoothies


Brand Identity Design

Smoothest Smoothies is a family-owned food truck offering delicious, natural smoothies. They focus on healthful, fresh ingredients, ensuring every smoothie promotes a healthy lifestyle. With a passion for nutritious eating, Smoothest Smoothies blends taste and wellness in every sip, providing a quick, wholesome treat for everyone.

Smoothest_Planet Lobo-01.jpg

The logo, submark, and overall brand identity of Smoothest Smoothies are deeply inspired by a sense of nostalgia and the artful process of mixing smoothies. The design captures the organic curves of fruits and berries, embodying the essence of natural ingredients. Incorporating a mix of thin and thick cursive handwriting alongside typewriter fonts, the visual identity evokes a warm, personalized touch reminiscent of handwritten notes and xoxo sign-offs. This blend of elements creates a brand identity that's not just about the smoothies themselves but also about evoking feelings of comfort, care, and a bygone era of simplicity and genuine connection.

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