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Weekender Soaps


Brand Identity + Package Design

Weekender Handmade Soaps brings fun to your routine with whimsical, small-batch soaps. Each bar is a playful mix of scents and colors, designed to make your daily wash lighthearted and joyful. Perfect for adding a spark of weekend whimsy to every day.


Weekender Handmade Soaps' brand identity blends sky blue for playfulness, a hand-lettered style font to capture whimsy, and a serif typeface that echoes both storytelling and traditionalism. This mix underlines the brand's fun, imaginative spirit while nodding to the time-honored craft of soap-making. The choice of sky blue evokes a sense of lightness and joy, the hand-lettered font adds a personal, whimsical touch, and the serif typeface grounds the brand with a classic, reliable voice, perfect for storytelling. This combination perfectly reflects Weekender's mission to bring delight and a playful escape to everyday routines.

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