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YoFit Personal Training


Brand Identity Design

YoFit is a personal training and nutrition brand that empowers women through wellness; offering a blend of individualized training and nutrition plans designed to revolutionize women's lifestyles through both online and in-person sessions. With a commitment to fostering a supportive digital community, YoFit champions transformation at every level, ensuring each member not only achieves their health and fitness goals but also experiences a profound, lasting change.


This visual identity reflects the studio's dedication to guiding women through their personal fitness and lifestyle metamorphoses. The logo subtly weaves together modernity and sophistication, illustrating the seamless journey from aspiration to achievement. With a design that speaks to the heart of change, it invites onlookers to explore the magic of transformation, symbolizing strength, grace, and the unfolding journey towards a healthier, more vibrant self. Through its artful composition, the YoFit logo becomes a beacon of inspiration, embodying the studio's core mission to elevate women's lives through thoughtful, personalized fitness and nutrition paths, all within a nurturing community.

YoFit Testamonial.jpg
YoFit Testamonial _En.jpg
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