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YuQi Weddings


Brand Identity
& Look-Book Design

Yuqi is a wedding service that expertly blends Chinese and Western traditions for bespoke ceremonies. Aimed at Chinese individuals who've experienced life abroad, Yuqi offers a unique mix of cultural elements to create memorable, personalized weddings that honor both worlds. With attention to detail and cultural respect, Yuqi crafts celebrations that connect and celebrate diverse traditions in beautiful harmony.

yuqi mag.png
YuQi Business Cards

Incorporating the values of spaciousness and balance, the logo design for Yuqi, with "与其" in a deep red box resembling a traditional seal, is carefully crafted to embody these principles. The spaciousness around and within the seal ensures that the logo feels open and harmonious, avoiding clutter and emphasizing the importance of simplicity and elegance in design. This balance is further reflected in the symmetry and proportions of the characters and the box, creating a visually appealing and tranquil effect that resonates with the essence of blending Chinese and Western wedding traditions seamlessly. The thoughtful use of space and equilibrium in the logo mirrors Yuqi's approach to designing weddings that are beautifully composed and culturally rich.

YuQi Lookbook cover
YiQi Lookbook Spreads
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